Introduction and Invocation

A new era is upon us. I welcome you to an unfamiliar place you’ve been before. 2019 is nearly here, but we do not live in the world of Blade Runner, at least not in this universe. I, for one, hold out hope that the nineteen-eighties vision of the future is a reality in at least one plane of existence other than our own. Maybe there, we’re androids in love and on the run, dreams of California in our circuitry, but Hollywood is in flames.

I have returned here to speak truth. Here there are no brands and this is not a platform for anything other than jumping into a pool of primordial ooze. Here, there is only me: Lucas Mangum, cranky but cultured author of some books and reader of many more. I will never again return to the hostile wastelands known as Facebook and Twitter. This is my new and permanent home. Expect regular updates, stories, essays, and a whole lot more if you follow me. If you become a patron, you will gain exclusive access to the expanded universe of my debut novel FLESH AND FIRE, with apocryphal chapters, behind the scenes musings, and a serialized sequel called BLOOD AND BRIMSTONE.

As we begin this new journey that is really another leg of a much longer and comprehensive journey, I feel an invocation is appropriate.

Alexa, sing me a song.

My invocation is a cry across the Void. If the old gods still live, their home lies beyond that emptiness. Chaos! Carry my screams so that they may fall on those long-forgotten ears. I invoke Prometheus, so that I may illuminate everything, and then burn it all down.

Patterns of Chaos

Goodbye, and hello, again. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. While you’re here, feel free to browse the sacred texts and welcome scars of revelation.

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