A Note on My Friend

I have lots of thoughts on what went down w/ my friend Autumn, but I’ll keep this brief.

She is still one of my closest friends, and I’ll still buy anything she writes.

Because I know her, I know the things she said were said out of love. This doesn’t mean I agree with everything she said, nor does it mean I don’t have sympathy for people hurt by what she said. I recognize her tone can seem harsh to some. A post from her a couple years back once got me to shut down my social media for months afterwards. It also led to a period of self-reflection which helped pull me out of a darkness to which I hope to never return.

I believe intent matters. I believe it is important to reflect before you react. Your mileage may vary.

I won’t condemn people for choosing to unfollow her or opting to not buy anymore of her books. I will however condemn any outright lies spread about her and any harassment or threats directed her way.

I love you all, genuinely.

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