Tarot 8/31/20

What are you telling me?

I think about and struggle a lot with balance.

The High Priestess is the bridge between two seemingly opposing forces. We need her.

She represents intuition and our inner voice. This is who we hear when we tune out the partisan noise.

To follow her middle path is harder than any other potential path. You crawl out of primordial muck and walk, but the tame and the feral each call to you. Each voice is of equal volume and resonance. The same is said for good and evil. The Moon is a guiding light, but there is darkness all around.

The Two of Pentacles is the infinite inevitability of straying from the middle path, but also the inevitability of your return to it.

Neither devil nor god has your best interests at heart. They want pawns. Transcendence is possible, but only through the center path.

Howl at the moon, my monsters.

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