Saturday Morning, 12/19

No thesis for the blog this morning. Just updates.

Ten minutes. That’s about as long as I spend on Twitter each day. That’s about all I can stand. During those ten minutes, I promote what I need to promote, and then I check in with a select few people whose feeds I find interesting. Shoutouts to Clare, Autumn, Eve, Chandler, and Joe. I’m so much better having limited my time in that dreadful place.

Writing time this weekend will be dedicated to my paranormal romance between a woman and a world-eating blob from outer space. It’s a collaboration between myself and Wile E. Young who you should all be reading.

I’m currently reading HITMAN, the autobiography of wrestler Bret Hart. It was published over a decade ago, but I never got around to reading it due to its intimidating page count. It’s nice to be finally diving in. Hart wrote the book himself, unlike many in his field who use ghostwriters. He has a matter-of-fact, Hemingway-like prose style. It’s a very engaging peek behind the curtain of pro-wrestling from the territory days to the early-2000s, as well as a touching portrait of his tumultuous relationship with his father and eleven (!) siblings.

Speaking of wrestling and writing. PANDEMONIUM, a book cowritten by myself and Ryan Harding, hit the (virtual) shelves this week. You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimted or grab it on paperback. I’ve wanted to write a wrestling book since I entered the publishing game, but the right idea eluded me. All that changed after I revisited the DEMONS franchise. Produced by legend Dario Argento and directed by luminaries like Lamberto Bava and Michele Soavi, these Italian films contain all manner of demonic carnage. After exchanging some emails with Ryan, we decided to write a tribute to those flicks set in the world of hardcore wrestling. It’s the most fun I’ve had writing anything, and I think that will translate for readers.

I’ve also been playing Phasmophobia on Steam. If you’re into co-op ghost-hunting, you’ll probably enjoy it quite a bit. I’m still learning the ropes. I’m not much of a gamer, but there are some games I do genuinely love.

Anyway, I’m going to try to do these more often, so stay tuned.

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