My dinosaur book EXTINCTION PEAK made Horror Bookworm Reviews top five of the year, so that’s pretty cool. Someone on Facebook told Ryan Harding and I that PANDEMONIUM was their favorite book they read this year. I heard about both of these things yesterday, but see my previous post and learn all about why I hardly had the energy to write anything.

I’m recovering from whatever illness decided to hit me hard Monday night and through Tuesday. Again, I doubt it’s COVID because I’m already feeling better, but who knows.

Anyway, I’m a little over six weeks sober. I don’t deal with much in the way of temptation. I’m in a lot of pain, but alcohol doesn’t wash that away. It only exacerbates it.

Despite everything, I did manage to put down some words on the blob romance collaboration with Wile E. Young.

I’ve also been thinking about the New Year and resolutions. I generally shy away from them, but this year was such a trash fire, I think a clear strategy for how I plan to improve my life and the life of those around me is absolutely necessary. I suspect the next few blogs will be dedicated to exploring these resolutions and what they mean.

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