I broke down an old chair and disposed of it in my fire pit last week. The remains look really cool up close, like a post-apocalyptic landscape. Of course, now I have something like a thousand loose staples in my fire pit, but that’s okay.

I slept on the couch to help my partner and kid have a good night’s sleep. We started watching THE OUTSIDER, which was adapted from a Stephen King book. It’s really good so far, and now I kind of want to revisit the novel. Over the last few years, I’ve been hesitant to read anything super long. I do love King though. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t?

The fish tank is looking good since I did that 90% water change. I’m dreading the algal bloom, but maybe it won’t be so bad this time. I only have 5 fish in a 30 gallon aquarium. Hopefully, I can be a little more deliberate with adding more livestock and maintaining a good look for the water.

I’ll be working today for five hours, then I’m off to visit my cat Jack. We had to rehome him a few years ago due to our son’s allergies. He was our first baby. Thankfully, he lives with my father-in-law. Unfortunately, he’s not doing so well, and I’d like to see him one more time, just in case we’re at the end. We’ve been isolating. My father-in-law has been isolating. I’m sure we’ll be fine in regards to the spread of COVID. Save your lockdown lectures for someone who gives a shit.

I’ve got a thousand words to do on the Wesley Southard collaboration before I kick it back to him. After that, it’s back onto ONE AND ONLY. Chapter 2 will be posted on Monday, and like last Monday, it will have an accompanying breakdown live on Twitch. You can check my schedule and subscribe here.

That’s all for today. Remember, there is beauty in destruction.

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