WTF Am I Doing?

Sometimes a tarot reading is extremely straightforward. The dude on the leftmost card even looks like me. Also, the number on the third card is the sum of the numbers on the first two. Fascinating stuff!

I asked the cards, “WTF am I doing?”

So, how did it answer? This is an easy one. Much of this year has seen me paring down my social circle, cutting away frivolous interests, and abandoning previously held ideals that harmed me. Those three tipped over cups? Those are people I’ve chosen to dissociate from, interests outside my family and creativity, and ideals I’ve abandoned such as vegetarianism. The two cups behind me, still standing, may be a smaller quantity than the cups left behind, but they’re more important to me, which is why I’m guarding them carefully. What’s in ’em? Family (which includes close and reliable friends as well as blood) and my creative endeavors.

The second card, with its three celebrating figures raising their cups and dancing circles, shows the joy that comes from focusing more on quality of relationships, interests and ideals than quantity of relationships, interests and ideals. That is, indeed, worth celebrating.

The third card, Strength, is one of the Arcana. I love the Strength card. Sure, there’s a lion in it, but it’s domesticated, cared for by the person in the image. Its message in the context of this reading is twofold. First, this paring down of my social circle, cutting away of frivolous interests, and abandoning of harmful ideals will strengthen me. But there is also a sadness that comes with separating wheat from chaff, and kindness and compassion toward myself as I mourn is also a showing of strength.

With good friends dying, I don’t have time for people who drop off the face of the earth no matter how much I like them. As there’s more demand for my work, I need to be smarter about how I spend my time creatively. When my body tells me what it needs, I must listen.

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