Exploring My Shelves: A New Beginning

Hey everyone. I’m Lucas Mangum, a two-time Splatterpunk Award nominee and author of a dozen or so books. I’ve been a somewhat inconsistent blogger over the last decade. Part of the reason for that inconsistency is a lack of focus, meaning that I blogged about anything and everything that interested me and quickly burned out. My longest daily streak was something like six months.

I will not be blogging every day. Let’s get that disclaimer out of the way right now. Mad respect for people who can. That ain’t me. I’m looking to do something more like twice a month.

So, why the relaunch? What will I focus on going forward?

If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know. If not, I’ll enlighten you!

The relaunch is just to give me a fresh start. There’s something freeing about releasing yourself from patterns of the past, especially when beginning a new, more-focused endeavor.

For this blog, I will be exploring my bookshelves. We all buy books we forget to read. Our TBRs grow into unwieldy things that ultimately cause us more stress than joy. No more.

Each entry, I will dive into my shelf, focusing on a specific title or author. You’ll get a review of the book, some personal context regarding each title, and a brief bio of the author.

The first post will be up soon. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of one of my shelves. It’s alphabetized by author, but my others are not. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll do these entries in alphabetical order.

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