Up for Preorder: Extinction Peak

My newest book is up for preorder from the Madness Heart Press store. All paperbacks come signed.

Check out the back cover copy below:

When the raptors come out of sinkholes across the United States, Deandra Antigone Merriweather’s elder brother Johnny sees the chaos as opportunity.

Overrun by prehistoric beasts of increasing size and savagery, the world has completely gone to hell, but he doesn’t suspect it will stay that way, and he wants to be a rich man by the time things get back to normal.

Though less optimistic about the future, Deandra thinks it might be a good idea to have some money stashed away just in case, if only so she can one day getaway from the abusive Johnny for good.

Together, they embark on a perilous journey across the wasteland to rob the mountain home of a corrupt California senator.

But the home isn’t empty. The senator has stayed behind to live like a king in this post-apocalypse world. With specially trained raptors, his sadistic wife, and sexually stunted son, all manner of misery awaits Deandra within the house’s walls.

All the while, the outside world crumbles under the trampling feet of monsters long thought extinct.

31 Days of Horror, Day 2 – Haunt

I watched this movie last year and was totally blown away. I gave it another whirl yesterday. My feelings haven’t changed.

From the writers of THE QUIET PLACE and produced by Eli Roth, this movie has some of the most inventive gags and memorable characters in quite some time. As someone who loves going to haunted house attractions, but also gets very scared by them, this was the perfect film to get me in the Halloween mood.

Check it out on Shudder if you haven’t already.

31 Days of Horror, Day 1 – CV Hunt’s Horrorama

This October, I’m kicking things off right with a brand new book release. My novelette “Primitive,” as well as works by A.S. Coomer and Matt Harvey (of Exhumed), is featured in the newest Grindhouse Press release.

It’s called Horrorama and is meant to emulate a late-night horror movie marathon.

Brilliant cover design by the brilliant Rachel Autumn Deering.

“Primitive” is a werewolf story about four friends who encounter a feral woman whose looking for her werewolf son while they’re camping in the Washington State wilderness. For inspiration, I watched the films RITUALS (1977) and WAKE IN FRIGHT (1973), and did a close read of FRANKENSTEIN. I’d be curious how many of you see the parallels.

You can grab the book directly from Grindhouse Press or wherever books are sold.

While you’re at it, why don’t you listen to my Halloween playlist to get in the spirit of the season.

Tarot 8/31/20

What are you telling me?

I think about and struggle a lot with balance.

The High Priestess is the bridge between two seemingly opposing forces. We need her.

She represents intuition and our inner voice. This is who we hear when we tune out the partisan noise.

To follow her middle path is harder than any other potential path. You crawl out of primordial muck and walk, but the tame and the feral each call to you. Each voice is of equal volume and resonance. The same is said for good and evil. The Moon is a guiding light, but there is darkness all around.

The Two of Pentacles is the infinite inevitability of straying from the middle path, but also the inevitability of your return to it.

Neither devil nor god has your best interests at heart. They want pawns. Transcendence is possible, but only through the center path.

Howl at the moon, my monsters.

A Note on My Friend

I have lots of thoughts on what went down w/ my friend Autumn, but I’ll keep this brief.

She is still one of my closest friends, and I’ll still buy anything she writes.

Because I know her, I know the things she said were said out of love. This doesn’t mean I agree with everything she said, nor does it mean I don’t have sympathy for people hurt by what she said. I recognize her tone can seem harsh to some. A post from her a couple years back once got me to shut down my social media for months afterwards. It also led to a period of self-reflection which helped pull me out of a darkness to which I hope to never return.

I believe intent matters. I believe it is important to reflect before you react. Your mileage may vary.

I won’t condemn people for choosing to unfollow her or opting to not buy anymore of her books. I will however condemn any outright lies spread about her and any harassment or threats directed her way.

I love you all, genuinely.