Tarot Reading 5/2/2020


I’ve been doing occasional Tarot readings on my IG account the last few months. While that’s well and good, I thought it may also be cool to do them here. At the very least, it gives me more space for this contemplative practice.

The pictured cards came up for me this morning. For the uninitiated, these cards are (from left to right) the Five of Pentacles, the Seven of Swords, and Strength. Sometimes, readings require I do lots of research, as I’m still somewhat new to Tarot. However, today’s was immediately clear.

The Five of Pentacles with its vagrants outside a church during a snowstorm calls poverty to mind. Now, to apply this to my life, I can’t take the card to mean literal poverty, as I’m able to pay my bills and feed my family. However, when it comes to significance or leaving a legacy, I sometimes see myself as deficient, which could be a form of poverty, just an immaterial form.

To cope with this perceived deficiency, I often take on too much, like the man balancing  five swords in his hands while leaving two behind, as pictured in the Seven of Swords. Taking on too much can be incredibly destructive. It can lead to things not being done correctly and to important things left undone.

Through it all, my Strength will be compassion for myself, for narrowing my focus, for postponing projects so as not to be spread to thin, for recognizing where I am and what I’ve done and saying, “that’s good enough for now.”